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Instructors 最佳师资

World class instructors, state of the art studios, advanced concepts with available customized private plans .


Classes 顶级课程

Hot Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Yoga Dance, Belly Dance, Jazz Dance, Zumba, Ballet, Body Shape. and lots more


Branding 行业标杆

Famous in the U.S. with the highest customer attendance rate & satisfaction, our videos are on major channels.


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Meet our team


Mark Delsey

CEO 首席执行官

Board Chairman of iF yoga fitness
马克·道西 先生是美国梵谷瑜伽董事长


Alex Kuo

Board Chairman 董事局主席

CEO of iF yoga fitness
亚历克斯·阔 先生是美国梵谷瑜伽首席执行官


Diane Schneider

Education Supervisor 教学总监

Education Supervisor of iF yoga fitness
戴安·施西奈德 女士是美国梵谷瑜伽教学总监

Responsible for the unified formulation and arrangement of courses in all classrooms around the world, has the highest decision-making power on the group's teaching concepts and methods, participates in the construction of classroom teams and personnel training, and is responsible for the development of the Asia-Pacific market.

Isabella Esposito

Art consulate 艺术顾问

Art consulate of iF yoga fitness
伊莎贝拉·爱丝珀西 女士是美国梵谷瑜伽艺术顾问

Art consultants for all courses of the company, and act as a targeted course art direction, which represents the understanding of art for the entire company. At the same time, it is fully responsible for the company's overall publicity, development, and artistic direction of the concept and future development.

Jean Zhang

general Chinese Dept. 华语部负责人

General Instructor of Chinese Department
张帝 女士是美国梵谷瑜伽华语部负责人

Fall in yoga Paradise since 2008
Graduated from "Buna International Yoga Academy" in June 2012, and obtained the Hatha Advanced Yoga Instructor Certificate.
In January 2016, completed American Yoga Alliance Yoga Alliance RYT-200 hours teacher certification training course.

María del Carmen

General spanish dept. 西班牙语部负责人

General Instructor of Spanish Department
玛丽娜·珊·卡门 女士是美国梵谷西班牙语部负责人

She is from Spain and is a top teacher. She is responsible for the management and arrangement of all Spanish courses of the group. And the construction and development of Spanish teachers. At the same time, special customized courses for Spanish culture are developed. She is also an excellent yoga teacher.

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Customer replies

Charlotte Irvine

Charlotte Irvine


"We have no regrets! After join if yoga my weight was lost 20 pounds! and it solved my sleeping problem which drive me crazy for many years. if yoga is the best! recommend!"

Natasha Johnson

Natasha Johnson

Beauty shop owner

"iF yoga is truly upstanding and is behind its product 100 percent. Classes is worth much more than I paid. I like Yoga more each day because it makes me look better and fresh."

Camila Garcia

Camila Garcia

Bank staff

"Thank you for making a great yoga studio for me, I am really appreciate the instructors here to make my life and my days! this is the most professional Yoga studio i had in life!"

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