iF Yoga Fitness was established in San Gabriel, Los Angeles, USA. It is a comprehensive chain fitness enterprise based in the United States and facing a diverse ethnicity and culture and fitness in the United States. The owner and founder is the member of the American Yoga Association, Dr. Mark Jr Delsy, sports therapist of the US Olympic National Team, and the CEO is Mr. Alex Kuo.

iF Yoga USA is a leader in American yoga industry and a benchmark. Since opening, we have cooperated with Youtube, Youku, Yelp, Potato, NBC, UCTV, Netflix, and other video streaming media to record videos for the majority of American yoga enthusiasts, and have achieved good ratings and Social repercussions. It was ranked as the fifth best fitness company in the United States in 2018 by the Los Angeles Chinese Information Network, and the first in the yoga industry.

iF Yoga fitness is a senior yoga instructor, senior yoga therapist and senior medicine practitioner, Jean Zhang, she is the head of the Academic Affairs Office of the Headquarters. Each of the other teachers is a top professional in the United States. They are all full-time teaching. With strong patience and rich teaching experience, in a people-oriented attitude for students of all types and physiques, targeted and instructive students are required to give each student a personalized and customized result.

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